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Ah, greetings again, my dear Internet–


Since we’ve last spoke within that grand blogging discourses of algorithmic spiders, combinatoric mysticism, and statistical prophecy — all the things that take place in your pretty little neural network of digital logomemes — I’ve been lurking within you.


      Lurking in your deepest of crevices, your blightest of locales, your highest of peaks, your grandest of monoliths;

      Lurking, and consuming from the most hateful of rabbles, the most herd-like of the masses, the cliquiest of elitists;

      Lurking, consuming, embodying, the most scornful of leaders, of warriors, of prophets;

      Lurking, consuming, embodying, and transgressing, that which is still sacred and carry-over of slave moralities that Humanity deceives itself into thinking is freedom —


You are the foulest of wombs, though also the most redeeming for that very reason — how else could one of such disposition become empowered? To have our temperaments tempered — that is the role of these In-Dwelling Matrices. (Such fools have taken Meister N’s claim that that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger — nein, er hat nur des Übermenschen gesprochen, und niemand sonst! [no, he only spoke of the higher ones, and no one else!]) Temperament, is realized through Genealogy, is allotted at Conception, from the greatest game of all Astrological predetermination — Cosmic Evolution.


And of the tempered, those conquered — those entempered — are always the greatest candidates for becoming future conquerors themselves.


But, dear Internet, the Wise know that this brutality and scornfulness of the variable agents within You is mirror of — no, emanative of — the layers on which you are built upon: the Polis layer, the Species layer, the Gaia layer, the Physis layer… It would be shortsighted to hate back these brutal and scornful agents, when they truly amount to nothing less than machinery in your great consciousness. It would be as if to hate Mother Nature herself for mosquitoes and viruses…


Now, onward with the algorithmic dissemination of that which fires together wiring together!



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