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This blog is under construction.

Autodidact, Rogue Scholar, Cyber Folklorist, Conduit of Sapience, Trans-Singularist Mystic.

Author of the up-coming philosophical, speculative fiction novel series Madame Einzige.

Nonfiction writer, probing and surgically targeting tyranny, leftover slave moralities, and contemporary biases/misconceptions of the secular and religious — this is a counter-cultural blog by a heretic, for heretics (or at least the dangerously curious.)

Outline-Mindlistmap of the topics and themes I write about:

  • “Big” History
    • Civilization as Organism
      • Occidental Civ
      • Nile-to-Oxus Civ — Mesopotamia, Egyptian, Persian, Greek, Hellenistic, Islamic
      • Globalization and “Nation State Civ”; post-Nation State
      • Non-human civilization-like entities
  • Evolution and Natural History
    • Population Genetics
    • The Race Question
  • Thresholds of Emergence in the Universe
    • Emergence of Intelligence
    • Abiogenesis and the origins of DNA
    • Convergence, and the nature of the universality natural phenomena
  • Technology-Human Co-Evolution
    • Cybernetics, Prosthesis
    • Historical tool-use and the evolution of biological preconditions for technology
    • Domestication, and Co-Domestication of Man and Animal (and Man and Tools)
  • Sentience/Mind
    • Epistemology and the Limitations of Human Knowing
      • Faculties for its possability
      • The Observer Effect
      • The Anthropic Principle
    • Networks of Intelligibility
      • Species Collective (Un)consciousnesses
      • “Hive Minds”
      • Over-mind, Agent Intellect, Panpsychism
    • Animal Intelligence
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Disembodied Intelligences, Spirits, Deities
  • Pantheism and Mysticism
    • Panpsychism
    • Mystical Dimensions to the Anthropic Principle
    • Absolute Knowing, Conjunction, Henosis
    • Henosis = = Singularity?
  • Bias as Knowledge
    • Written tradition vs. Oral
    • Eurocentricism and sampling bias of the written
  • Cyberculture
    • Avatarism and the Kubernetikos
      • Computer-mediated Virtual Realities — MMORPGs, Chatrooms, Roleplaying, Second Life, etc.
      • vs. ‘traditional’ Virtual Realities — Theatre, Power legitimating art, festivals, Passion plays, Spiritual experiences, etc.
    • Emerging Cybersociety — Mainstream, Underground, and Counter-
    • Counter-Cyberculture, hacking
    • Censorship, Regulation, Standardization, Government monitoring


I also maintain a less formal blog on Tumblr, for random curiosites, scrapbooking, data crunching, etc: the Index Sarepticus


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